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About Us

We have owned Rottweilers and been involved in the breed for a very long time. We have purchased our first Rottweiler in 1978 from Rotvel Rottweilers and he was not the best bred dog in the standard, but he has embedded the love we have for the breed and we’ve always been passionate about the breed since then.

We actively participate in conformation shows, and other activities including weight pulling and proudly feed and distribute 100% Australian Owned A La Carte Dog food.

We are located in the West of Melbourne, Australia and we strive to breed quality dogs with good temperaments, and only we only us the best bloodlines in Australia.

I am a Rottweiler Enthusiast and a proud member of the ADRK / Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub.

Our dedication to improving the breed is a top priority in our breeding goals.

All our dogs are hip/elbow scored,  tested for JLPP, and has eye and mouth certificates. We endeavor only breed from a health tested stock.

Thank you for taking time visiting our website.